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Protect your hands with outdoor field hockey gloves

Field hockey gloves ensure that your hands are well protected against the impact of a stick or ball. Of course you want to still have a good feeling for the ball and that the gloves do not affect your performance on the field. That's why you choose both hockey gloves with half a finger, so that the feel on your stick is still just as good.

Defy the coldest temperatures with field hockey gloves with a whole finger

Does your trainer choose to train outside in cold temperatures? Even then you naturally want to perform to the maximum. The hockey gloves for the field with a whole finger offer your hands a lot of warmth and the anti-slip grip on the inside ensures that you have enough grip on your hockey stick. If you get on a bike to the training, choose a pair of winter gloves with a special touchscreen touch for your smartphone.

Combine the gloves with other hockey products

At Sportshop you choose from a wide range of hockey products. Complete your hockey outfit with hockey shoes and hockey clothing and protect yourself even better with shinguards and mouthguards. You know for sure that you reduce the risk of injury and that you start well prepared for every training or competition.

Determine which size you need

Of course you want to get the right size right away, so that you may already be able to play with your new field hockey gloves next weekend. Measure the circumference of your hand with a measuring tape and make sure that the measuring tape rests on your knuckles. With the table below you know immediately which size is suitable for you.

Circumference in centimeters Recommended size

<14 cm

14 - 16 cm XS
16 - 18 cm S
18 - 22 cm M

22 - 26 cm

> 26 cm XL