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Thermal clothing Women

Thermo clothing for summer and winter

Did you know that you can wear thermal clothing all year round? In winter, the clothing keeps you warm, while thermal clothing within the summer collection has a cooling effect. This way you can be sure that you stay dry and cool, even during the hottest days of the year! The thinner the fabric, the tighter the clothing and the more emphasis is placed on wicking away sweat. The thermal clothing in the winter, on the other hand, is looser around the body, since the retention of body heat is central.

A wide collection of adidas, Craft, Nike and Rehband thermal clothing

On this page you can choose from adidas, Craft, Nike and Rehband thermal clothing. For example, choose shirts, shorts and tights. The clothing is highly breathable, insulates the body and effectively wicks away sweat. And just as important, wearing these clothes makes wearing multiple layers over each other a thing of the past. You exercise with maximum freedom of movement and thus get the most out of every training or match. Which thermal clothing do you add to your hockey wardrobe?

Stay comfortable and warm with matching sweaters and training pants

You want to stay pleasantly warm before, during and after your training or competition. Therefore, take a look at our hockey clothing and shop, for example, matching sweaters and training pants. Are you looking for thermal clothing with a lot of stretch for the summer that keeps you cool and dry? In that case you match the clothes well with one of our shorts, shirts and polos. The clothing is lightweight and takes up little space in your hockey bag. Your training or competition starts in our webshop!