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A good sports bra is indispensable during hockey. Sports bras support, prevent pain and discomfort and also keep your skin young! For these reasons, a sports bra is really worth the investment. We know that every woman is different and has different preferences with regard to fits, colors and of course the size of the sports bra. That is why we offer a wide range of sports bras that are all different. We have sports bras from Nike and adidas without closure, but also more supportive bras from, for example, Purelime and Craft.

Sports bras in all shapes and sizes

Do you want a striking bra or rather one that fits nicely under your sports shirt? Do you want padding or rather not? A closure or a seamless top? The wide choice of sports bras ensures that there is always a bra that suits you. Do you want to know more or want some advice? Please contact our customer service.