Compression clothing


Compression stockings

Compression stockings have been developed to remove waste products of the body. Compression stockings improve blood flow by increasing pressure from the ankle to the knee. At you will find compression stockings from the best brands. Compression stockings are effective for calf complaints, Achilles tendon problems and faster recovery after exercise.

McDavid compression stockings

The compression stockings from McDavid are equipped with a technology that ensures optimal drainage of moisture and offer a lot of comfort to the foot. This comfort comes from the ergonomic footbed and the optimal pressure distribution.

Compression stockings from Herzog

Herzog compression stockings are relatively inexpensive but do not compromise on function and comfort. The socks are very effective to wear before, during and after exercise. Thanks to these socks you can continue to take powerful steps without pain. The nice thing about the Herzog socks is that they are available in multiple colors.

Stanno compression stockings

Stanno's compression stockings provide ideal blood flow, faster recovery after exercise and reduce the risk of muscle pain and cramps. The socks are provided with reflective yarn on the calves for a striking design. In addition, these stockings are also provided with moisture-wicking material for optimal comfort.

You can also buy hockey shoes at

In addition to good socks, shoes with good cushioning are also important for the best comfort on the hockey field. Because of the many influences that shoes have to deal with, they usually last for two seasons, after which the cushioning is off. Check out our hockey shoes.