Goalkeeper bags


Take your goalkeeper gear safe and easily with goalkeeper bags

Goalkeeper bags, or goalie bags, are recognized by the wheels at the bottom and the pulling handle at the top. Besides your hockey shoes and hockey clothing you of course also needs your keeper helmet, legguards and kickers. The spacious main compartments offer more than enough space for your most important items and you can choose from multiple goalie bags by Grays, Malik, OBO and TK. Whichever brand you choose, you're akways sure that you'll take your goalie gear comfortably.

Choose from goalie bags in multiple sizes

Did you know that goalie bags in the collection of Sportshop is available in multiple sizes? Therefore, there's a suited size to order for both juniors and seniors. In most cases, the material of the bags is treated with anti-odor coating, so bad smells are a thing of the past.Some bags also have ventilating mesh at the head side and wet gear is stored in the destined compartment.

Fill your goalie bag at Sportshop

Does your goalie clothing need replacement, are you looking for a keeper helmet or do you need new legguards or kicker for the start of the season or an important final? These goalkeeper products and more for in your goalie bag can of course be ordered at Sportshop.com. The material can handle a hit and thus lasts longer.

Complement your order with hockey accessories

Besides ordering goalie musthaves, you also have the choice from a wide assortment of hockey accessories. Think of hockey balls, grips, tape and bottles. Even first aid and cooling products are available at Sportshop.com. Take a look at our collection and come well prepared to every training or match.