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Be prepared for every training and competition with cooling products

During every training and competition a lot is demanded of your body, making cooling products indispensable for every trainer. If there is an injury or swelling, you need cooling products quickly. This reduces pain and promotes blood circulation. Choose a faster recovery and take one of the B+D, IcePower, MC David or Select products in your bag.

Cooling products can be stored in one of the Igloo cool boxes

If you take your cooling products with you in the form of cold packs, then these must of course be kept cool. You want to be able to make maximum use of the cold packs at any time, for example if someone has to deal with an injury or swelling after that one long competition. The cool boxes from Igloo work without electricity and you choose from different sizes.

Cooling in the form of a spray, roller, gel or a cold pack

When you think of cooling products, chances are that you immediately think of the popular cold packs. However, nowadays there are many more products available to tackle an injury quickly and effectively. You can also cool in the form of a spray, roller or gel. If you prefer to warm up your muscles before training or if you would like to improve your blood flow, then the HotPower gels offer a nice solution.

Invest in the right protection

An accident can occur in a split second. But to minimize the risk of pain and injury, it is wise to get the right protection products. Have you already invested in a good mouthguard, a face mask, shinguards, hockey gloves and hockey shoes with a lot of grip? If not, order these hockey products and more at Sportshop!