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Black armbands


You can commemorate a death from the nearby area with black hockey mourningbands 

Black hockey mourning bands must not be missing on the field if someone in the nearby area has died. Whether it is a team member, a parent or someone on the board, you show in all cases your respect with one of the bands of Hummel or Erima. Originally the black belt was worn with black clothing, but nowadays these rules are blurred and you can always see the bands combined with the hockey outfit.

Hockey mourning bands for the hall and on the field

The mourning bands for hockey from the Sportshop collection are suitable for the hall and for the field and are available as a one-size. Is it a sudden death and are you urgently looking for mourning bands for the entire team? Do not worry! We have the mourning bands ample in stock and we are happy to provide your entire team with the bands. If you place an order on workdays before 10 p.m., you can expect your package to arrive the next day.

Different hockey accessories for training and competitions

In addition to ordering black mourning bands for hockey, you will find many more accessories for training and competitions with us. Think of hockey balls, water bottles, grips and sports tape. That way you know for sure that you can fill your hockey bag well and that you go to your club prepared.

Combine the hockey mourning bands with hockey shirts or hockey polo shirts

You do not have to worry that your hockey mourning band will slide and irritate during the match. By wearing the strap over the sleeve of your hockey shirt or hockey polo, you can be sure that it will stay securely around your hockey clothing. The bands fit nicely with the elastic material and you wear it around the upper arm.