Injury prevention and recovery


Basketball foam rollers


Injury prevention and recovery

Basketball is a physical sport in which muscles are often heavily burdened. Taking good care of your body before and after basketball is therefore of great importance. That is why the injury prevention and recovery products are very useful.

Sports cream

To prepare your muscles well for physical exertion, it is advisable to rub your muscles with a warming sports cream. These creams penetrate deep into your muscles and together with a good warm-up ensure that your muscles are fully warmed up. In addition, these sports creams can also be used as a post-workout massage cream. In our range you will find the FlexPower Sport Cream for example.

Foam rollers basketball

With the foam roller you can give yourself a massage. A foam roller is made of hard foam and in most cases has the shape of a cylinder. The foam roller puts pressure on the muscles, reducing the tension in your muscles temporarily. Because the tension decreases you get a liberating feeling at the place where there was previously tension. The roller can be used in the warm-up, during training or competition and in the cool-down. After using the foam roller you are less likely to suffer from muscle pain. This is because the roller stimulates your blood flow, so that your lactic acid and waste are released from the muscles faster.

It also helps prevent injuries. The muscles are loosened and this relaxes the muscles. The muscles will therefore not become overloaded. The foam roller has many advantages and is therefore very popular with basketball players, but also with other sports.
In our range you will find Nike and Pure 2 Improve foam rollers.