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OPRO Shield Mouthguards


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  1. Brand: OPRO Shield

Mouth guards basketball

Protecting your mouth with a mouth guard, or also called a bit, is very important. It can be rough on the field and in particular in the bucket some elbows may fly around. With a mouth guard, your mouth will be protected very well and nasty teeth injury can be prevented. The advantage of a bit is that it will divide the force and thus decrease the chance on teeth damage. We also recommend to wear braces as a form of protection along with your mouthguard.

In our assortment we offer mouth guards from different top brands like Shock Doctor, Opro Shield or Sisu. This are high-quality bits and are even used by boxers. These mouth guards can handle a lot! At we like to care of everyone having the protection they need, for that reason we also have mouthguards especially for juniors or seniors.