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Nike Braces


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  1. Brand: Nike

Basketball braces

Basketball is a sport that asks a lot of your knees, ankles and other limbs. Especially for this we have a large assortment of different braces and other protection.

Basketball ankle brace

The ankles are loaded the most while playing basketball and are very sensitive for injuries. Besides, an ankle injury is one of the most common injuries within the basketball. Especially for this, we made our assortment of ankle braces as extensive as possible. The assortment of ankle braces exists out of various top brands like McDavid, Rehband, Push Sports and LP Support.

Basketball knee brace

Accelerating, pivoting, shooting, jumping and landing. The knees are the basis of many movement at basketball. That’s why the knees might need some extra support or injury prevention. For the knees, we offer braces from different brands. We have McDavid, Rehband, Push Sports and LP Support up available. All braces are made of strong materials and help you to get back on your level after an injury.