Sport bras


Exercise with a Sports Bra

It is important for women to wear a good sports bra while playing basketball. A good sports bra provides with support and comfort. A sports bra is supposed to be tight, but not that tight that you’re having trouble with moving and breathing. Sports bras are made of special, moisture regulating materials which ensure that the bra will stay at its place. Besides the functional characteristics, the materials are nice to the skin to prevent irritations or friction. Our assortment has a large offering of various top brands like PureLime and Hummel, with many different colors and sizes.

Sports Bra Basketball

While playing basketball, you’re jumping, running and moving a lot. This makes it important to give your breasts extra support. Sports bras are especially designed for the right support and comfort while playing basketball. All our bras are from the best brands that deliver high-quality. The bras are available in different sizes.