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Basketball clothing

Discover the newest collection of basketball clothing at! Our assortment clothing contains basketball shirts, basketball shorts, basketball socks, underwear, compression clothing, sweaters, training pants and more! The basketball clothing is developed with the best materials and have self-breathing capabilities. The light fabric offers the most optimal movement freedom, so you’ll move freely over the field. Our assortment of basketball clothing exists, among others, out of the brands: adidas, Spalding and Nike.

Basketball clothing women

Especially for women, we have basketball clothing with a tighter fit in our assortment. The clothing accentuates the body’s shapes and fits tightly without obstructing your movement freedom. The self-breathing capabilities ensure cooling and ventilation. We also have various sport bras in the assortment of various established brands.

Basketball clothing men

Our assortment of basketball clothing for men only consist of established brands. Nike, adidas, Under Armour and many more well-known brands. The clothing has perfect air permeability and is made of very light material. 

Basketball clothing child

Especially for the younger players we have a large assortment of basketball clothing for kids. Besides basketball shirts, basketball shorts and training pants, we also have basketball shoes for children in the assortment. The shoes are provided with a good damping, which makes you play comfortably on a hard surface.