Compression socks



There are various kinds of compression socks. There are socks and tubes. The tubes don’t close the feet. The goal of compressions socks is to apply pressure from the ankle to the knee. The pressure stimulates the blood flow, which gives a positive effect to the drainage of waste. Because the sock sits tight around your legs, the vibrations in your calf muscle are reduced. This reduces the pulling in your shins as well.

Compression tubes

There’s a difference between compression tubes and compression socks. A tube doesn’t have a foot attached to it, so you’ll only wear it around your calves. The tube can only be worn during basketball, because the tube doesn’t apply pressure to the feet. This makes it possible that moisture is being held in the foot after a training or game.

Compression socks

Compression socks are comparable to high sport socks that sit tight around the calf and ankle. The socks can be held on longer after a training or match to drain residues better. The socks and tubes can be easily washed in the washing machine. Our assortment contains compression socks from different established brands like Herzog, McDavid and Hummel.