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Basketball sweaters


Basketball sweaters

Basketball sweaters are available in various sizes and colors. The sweaters are especially designed to wear before, during, and after basketball. The basketball sweater keeps you nicely warm so your muscles won’t cool too quickly. They are designed to have lots of movement freedom. Our assortment consists of adidas and Spalding.

Basketball sweaters women

Both the basketball sweaters for women and the basketball sweaters for men are available in different colors and sizes. The sweaters are made of light material and have a nice moisture regulating ability. Especially for women, we have fitted models that fit nicely, but also very nice looser models.

Basketball sweaters men

Basketball sweaters have been designed to prevent obstruction or irritations. The basketball sweaters have an excellent fit for men and are made of nice and light materials so you can always wear them.

Basketball training pants

To be able to optimally prepare for a match or training, training pants are a good choice. The training pants can be worn during warming up, but also when you’re sitting still during the game.The basketball training pants are made of light and moisture draining materials. Our assortment consists of different top brands like adidas and Spalding.